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Lenovo K900 Stands Tall amid Smartphone Series with Ace Technology and Metallic Body

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Lenovo K900 Stands Tall amid Smartphone Series with Ace Technology and Metallic Body

January 29
18:01 2014

k900New Delhi, Wednesday, January 28 – In the cut throat competition where all the mobile makers are launching handsets every new month, Lenovo stands apart and is on the way to create a trustworthy name in the field of mobile phones.

The company is heading forward inch by inch and expected to create massive fan following of the brand in short span of time. As compared to lately released Samsung Galaxy Grand 2, Lenovo K 900 is far better. Camera quality is unmatched and so is the voice quality. K 900 is available in the price range of 25,500 to 26,000. A few buyers might expect some beneficial offers with the gadget, but are going to get disappointed in this department. Being one of the recent releases, it comes just with handsfree, charger and data cable.

Insertion of Sim card is little bit different as compared to other cell phones present in the mobile market. A small metallic key is provided that plays pivotal role to pop in the Sim. However, users have to keep its jack safely if they want their Sim card to use in other handsets too.

If goods points should be highlighted then silver body of K 900 is truly amazing. Buyers will fall in love with the first glimpse of the phone. Its bold looks are mesmerizing and high definition video is heart winning. Adding more to the point, still images are of awesome quality and its resolution does not break though you enlarge them up to maximum limit.

Sound quality is superb. Lenovo has released the gadget in two memory slots, 16 GB and 32 GB, respectively. It is upon the customers how much memory they require for locating important files and folders. Battery is said to be strong, but if truth be told then it lasts nearly for 20 hours once charged fully. If all points should be considered, K 900 is one of the finest options available this time. Lenovo is a trusted name in the zone of laptops and soon this would not be wrong to say that it may emerge as reliable name in the hub of cellular phones. K 900 is price worthy and may turn out to be a major contender for other mobile manufacturers.

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