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Why should Women be Blamed for Each Mishap in Their Lives?

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Why should Women be Blamed for Each Mishap in Their Lives?

January 30
08:13 2014

rapeNew Delhi, Wednesday, January 29 – Sexual assault cases have randomly increased in India in the past couple of years. It does not mean that rape incidences didn’t take place previously. Of course, women were exploited and even forced to bear the pain of domestic violence earlier too. However, as the time passed, girls got the courage to report about misconduct towards them, no matter, it is done by strange person or close relatives.

It is because of their changed attitude that a lot of cases were reported in the recent past, which clearly signifies that there is no decrease in crime against women. They are abducted from streets and raped or gang raped by men, who do not have any fear of laws, which are truly not too strict to send them behind the bars or hanged them till death as a consequence of crime they have done.

But it is very strange to see that there are yet some people in our society who are always ready to put blame on girls, their clothing styles, way of interaction and presence at inappropriate place, if they confront sexual harassment at any phase of life. From time to time, several leaders have said the same and nothing was new two days ago when Asha Mirje, the leader of National Congress Party (NCP), made sexist comments about women, giving example of ‘Nirbhaya’ – the victim of Delhi gang rape in 2012. Although she apologized through a social networking site but her instant apology seemed nothing more than an action to stay away from outrage of the Indians.

Her sexist remarks have not only roused fury amongst the women’s rights activists, but also among the people, who are literally worried of their safety. Several youngsters have criticized Mirje’s opinion by tweeting and posting comments & updates on Twitter and Facebook, respectively.

When all the girls seek for a safe and dynamic environment, such remarks show that most of us do not want to change our stance towards women. Instead of putting pressure on the government for making laws extremely strict for rapists, it appears as these leaders feel contented by putting all the blame on girls. Why don’t these politicians question themselves – what is the fault of a 2 year old kid who is raped by her neighbor? What is the mistake of a school girl who is locked inside the school room and raped by her own teacher? Why are cops missing on isolated streets and why don’t they conduct patrolling late at night?

We all have grown up listening the saying ‘women are the creator of the world’. Still, it is only us who augmented problems for them at every path of life, be it their personal or professional lives. How beautiful would be the world if women are given freedom to do whatever they want? It would be far better if people at the dignified places should think them a human being, rather than as a creature that exists on the earth to listen every new advice at each new day.

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