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X Care, How will blockchain revolutionize medical care?

X CARE The mission of X CARE is to establish a transnational medical data sharing platform via blockchain. Through “blockchain + medical data collaboration system” comprehensive solution, X CARE will

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SPC floor, the real DIY of environmentally friendly ground materials

Today is a pursuit of sustainable development era, new materials and new energy emerge in an endless stream. The SPC floor is the only surface decoration material that can be

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CertaPet Supports New Delta Regulation on Flying with Animals

Professional Pet Flight Papers Available Through CertaPet, an online platform that connects licensed mental health professionals with people seeking tele-mental health services, announced their support for the changes that

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Trump Reverses Line of “Dreamer” Song in State of the Union Speech

11-year-old singer unbothered by being Trumped by President. Columbus, OH, USA – February 02, 2018 – Modern Touch Music(MTM)/SupersonicUSA today revealed that President Donald J. Trump in his State of

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The Ken Burns Vietnam War Documentary on PBS Sparks New Interest in Vet’s Memoir-Like Novel

Honolulu, HI, USA – February 02, 2018 – The Ken Burns Vietnam War Documentary on PBS has sparked a renewed

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Maureen Ravnik is Awarded Artist Showcase Feature

Jupiter, FL, USA – February 02, 2018 – Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is extremely pleased to announce

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World 1st Global Medical Blockchain + AI Big Data Platform, the Specialist Cross-border Medical Institution XMED Issues XMED chain (XMC)

Global medical blockchain becomes an investment hot spot. Global digital health care investment hit a record high in 2017. The

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Warren in Finance offers complete information and assistance to help people make the best financial decisions

Feb 1, 2018 – At the press meet held this week at a renowned 5-star hotel in the city, the

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UNPay won FinTech Innovation Award in 2017.

On January 19, 2018, sponsored by China Times, “The Era of New Financial Products – China Institutions Investors Annual Meeting

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FlashChain Will Be Listed on the Korean Funcoin Exchange on February 6th 2018

Decentralised Exchange Is Needed Globally – Crazier In 2018. Based on third generational blockchain graphene technology, FlashChain will be listed

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